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6:39PM November 09, 2018

An option you have with Red Bolt Broadband is a router that provides wireless internet (Wi-Fi) throughout your home. 

Although renting our router is not required, you'll experience peace of mind by taking your online experience to new heights with our Calix GigaCenter wireless router. 

We all want fast, reliable Wi-Fi throughout our homes and businesses. And, with more devices connecting to your network than ever before and an increasing need for bandwidth, nothing less than the best will do! Red Bolt's wireless router is capable of providing ample Wi-Fi bandwidth and speed to multiple devices.

What can you do with a strong signal in every room and blazing-fast speeds? You can seamlessly stream HD video, enjoy online gaming with your friends, and share anything and everything without missing a beat!

For an additional $7.00 per month, rent a wireless router from Red Bolt Broadband and experience true high-speed internet throughout your home, along with the comfort of Wi-Fi tech support by our Red Bolt team. You'll also receive free equipment upgrades and hassle-free replacement if something happens to your router.  

Have more questions? Give us a call or stop by our office and one of our friendly Member Service Representatives are happy to answer your questions.