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1:40PM September 19, 2017

Several years ago, some of our members asked us to explore the idea of providing high-speed internet to CDEC’s service area. So, we started to dig; and the deeper we dug, the more this idea made sense. Finally, in 2014, we decided to survey our membership and learned the need for high-speed internet was great and spanned across our service territory.

During our research, we also learned that a high-speed, two-way communications backbone was essential for CDEC to run an efficient electric utility in the 21st century. By upgrading how our distribution system communicates, CDEC could implement Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), a digital energy management system used to monitor, control and optimize the electric distribution system performance.

We started to work on the logistics of how we could accomplish SCADA and offer its byproduct:  Broadband. In 2016, our membership voted unanimously in support of a bylaw amendment to allow CDEC to offer high-speed internet. In the time since then, we have been working with other electric co-ops that have successfully launched broadband services, learning all we can to replicate their successes. And, we’ve been working with contractors to design our broadband network throughout the city of Grants.