Lightning-Fast Internet is Here!

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1:15PM October 30, 2017

CDEC’s mission to provide its members high-speed internet is taking off! 

We are excited to announce that a small group of customers along West High Street and the north side of West Santa Fe Avenue are now eligible for service. 

We continue to design the rest of our fiber-optic internet system and appreciate your patience, as the effort to build to your home or business requires a lot of planning, construction and infrastructure upgrades. 

Your enthusiasm and excitement have been our driving force! If you're interested in our high-speed internet service, you can help by joining our list on this site. Doing so will enable us to contact you, as soon as we plan to bring service to your neighborhood.

We’re one step closer, and we look forward to sharing our progress with you. Check back often to find out what we're up to and how much closer we are to bringing lightning-fast internet to you!