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2:38PM April 19, 2018

CDEC currently offers two internet packages – based on speed – to both residential and small business customers. For larger businesses, service-level agreements are available and tailored to suit the customer’s need. You can read about these on the “Products” tab above.

All of CDEC’s internet customers have access to unlimited data usage and the option of renting a router for connectivity. 

Utilizing our router option ensures a customer receives the symmetrical speeds that only direct Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) is capable of providing. And, if you have any issues with our router, CDEC will replace it at no additional cost. 

A typical service installation consists of these steps:
1.      You can sign up for service on this site or at our Grants office. You will receive our customer agreement, terms and conditions and our policies. 
2.     After you sign up for service, one of our meter technicians will go to your service location and install the necessary equipment to your electrical meter base.
3.     Next, a contractor will place a fiber-optic line from the service pole to your meter, connect the fiber-optic cabling and install the optical network terminal that delivers service to the router.
4.     Finally, an install crew will connect the internet cable to the inside of your home and set up your router (if you have taken advantage of CDEC’s router). Before the installer leaves, he or she will test your internet connection and speed.

Standard installation consists of 100 feet of cable from where your outside equipment is placed to where the cable enters your home, as well as 10 feet of cable inside your home. For the safety of our install crews, we do not go through attics or crawlspaces. If your installation requires anything beyond our standard installation, the co-op reserves the right to assess additional charges.

Your internet bill is mailed separate from your electric bill at the first of every month. Your first bill will consist of a prorated amount for the partial first-month’s use, as well as the next full month’s charges.

If service is not currently available in your area, you can express your interest in subscribing to it when it is. Once you express your interest, CDEC will contact you as soon as our service becomes available.