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50-Mbps Residential Internet Service

Ultra-reliable broadband internet access with speeds faster than wireless, DSL and cable internet providers. Sign up for CDEC’s 50-Mbps Residential Internet Service to experience the difference!


100-Mbps Residential Internet Service

Blazing fast 100-Mbps internet access for households that require additional bandwidth. Great for multiple devices simultaneously streaming audio and video, gaming, and other communications. Try CDEC’s 100-Mbps Residential Internet Service and experience more speed and more fun at home!


250-Mbps Residential Internet Service

Step up and into 250 Mbps of internet access that will enhance your streaming capabilities to the best! This package is great for anyone who streams on multiple devices or is an avid gamer.  


1000-Mbps Residential Internet Service

This is truly lightning fast! With 1 gigabit of service you can now be an internet wizard and use video games pass services without worrying about storage, download times or data caps! 


100-Mbps Small Business Internet Service

Today’s small business requires ultra-reliable internet access that is faster than wireless, DSL and cable internet services. Sign up for CDEC’s 100-Mbps Small Business Internet Service to experience the difference!


250-Mbps Small Business Internet Service

250-Mbps allows your business to thrive more efficiently. You can process customer transactions quicker, and support your VOIP service! This will help keep your network operating smoothly so business runs as usual. 


500-Mbps Small Business Internet Service

Leave your competition in the dust with internet faster than theirs! This package allows better video conferencing and opens a line for digital revenue streams, ultimately giving your employees more efficient use of their time.